Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seeking The Sun In Half Moon Bay



8/22/11: Harmony and Endeavor pushed away from the dock in SF at 9am to make the short hop to Half Moon Bay.  Seas and winds were very calm, and we pulled into the marina after fueling up at around 2pm. We met Dick on Journey (a CT52) who saw our HaHa flag and came over to chat a bit. He’s had the HaHa on his bucket list for many years since the beginning of the rally, and will finally be able to make the trip this year.

Half Moon Bay is beautiful! We took a bit of a walk down the highway and found a small beach near the jetty. Gina and the kids and I had a great time poking around there. James found a new weapon we dubbed kelp guns, which are small tubular parts of the kelp that are filled with water-natural water pistols! So of course, he pitched battle against us, but I was able to sneak up and return fire—so there! Sydney showed off her dance skills and pirouetted down the beach like the prima ballerina she is. 

We ate at the local restaurant/fish market, then back to the boat for some shuteye. We leave tomorrow morning at 8am to head for Santa Cruz. More pics are here.

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