Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lovely Capitola



8/23/11: Endeavor was ahead of us a few miles, and in less fog as they neared Santa Cruz, so they could actually see it from their boat. It looked very busy and touristy, so after some discussion, we decided to go a few miles further to Capitola. It’s much smaller and more laid back. I hate to use the word cute, but that’s what it is, very very cute. The marina staff came out in a dinghy and helped us snag a mooring buoy—what a great service. Then Rick ferried us into town and we spent awhile on the beach watching James body surf. He’s never met a wave he doesn’t like, even in water that’s 56 degrees! After a meal of Mexican food and a short walk through town, we went back out to the mooring for some reading and sleep.

I’m beginning to think Harmony is a fog magnet. We come into places where the sun is shining, and then we look out, and in a few minutes it’s rolling in to cover all the scenery and bring a cold chill.  But Capitola with its charm and color warmed us in spite of the weather.  More Capitola pics here.

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