Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Rollicking Ride, Pinochle, And Some Great Furuno Customer Service

Harmony and Endeavor left Ilwaco  together on Monday morning (8/8/11) and crossed the bar with no problem. Endeavor was going straight through to San Francisco, while we were planning a stop in Eureka. Winds gradually picked up, but the weather was mild, and the day and night passed uneventfully, except for the ongoing issue with the radar and fresh water leak. Winds picked up steadily all day Tuesday (8/9/11) until they were a steady 25 knots when I came on watch at 8pm. By the time I went off watch at midnight, winds were steady at 30, gusting to 35. We were doing 10 knots sliding down the building seas. Woohoo, what a ride! The moonlight on the waves was beautiful, and except for the cold, I thoroughly enjoyed my watch. We crossed the bar into Eureka at around noon on Wednesday (8/10/11). Our old friends Enno and Wendy Duden from Grants Pass, OR drove down to spend a couple of days with us on the boat. What fun we had laughing about the good old days! They chauffeured us around town to do errands, and we played pinochle on Friday (8/12/11). Wendy and I let the guys win 2-1. We hated to see them go, but are hoping they might visit us in Mexico.
Jon Closson, our Furuno rep, has been providing fabulous support during our radar issue. By Friday (8/12/11) morning at 9:30 am there was a brand new radar antenna waiting for us at the marina office. Terry and Enno installed it in nothing flat, and the difference was amazing. Check that issue off the list. We will leave Eureka tomorrow (8/15/11) and expect to take a couple of full days to get to San Francisco. (by Diane)


  1. Glad to hear the radar got worked out! Get some rest and be safe on your way to SF! Love, Mia

  2. Good news about the radar - sounds like you have some pretty great friends!


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