Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Untethered At Last!

We did it!!! Yesterday at 12:20 with our great friends Joe and Cindy Barnes and Art & Ray Schuwyler to send us off, we untied the dock lines and headed out to Hunter Bay to decompress and start our voyage to Mexico. Seems to be the best weather we have seen thus far. Just perfect for the starting day. It was quite fitting to be sent off by Joe and Cindy as 7 years ago we did the same for them. They did a four year journey form the Pacific Northwest to Mexico, South Pacific and on to New Zealand. As we sit here in Hunter Bay soaking up the sun and sipping on are Kamikaze's thinking about all of our friends such as Lawn Boy,
Bruce, Mia, Fritz, Bryan, all the good guy's at Furuno such as Jon, Steve, Bart Eric and Matt, the folks at North Harbor Diesel, Ian & Joy, Andy, Steve and Ben at Coastal Marine Marketing, Clay and those of you that I have forgotten. We sincerely appreciate all of your help and friendship.
(by Terry)

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