Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Ration of Rum And A Plugged Fuel Line

Terry indulged in his little drink at 8pm just before he went down below to get some shut-eye  on Friday, August 5th, as we made our way down the Washington coast. The rum is Ron Zacapa, a bon voyage gift from Craig and Kelly Beedle—the best!. We had left Neah Bay at 8:30 am , and made our left  turn around Cape Flattery in foggy conditions. We had light winds on our stern all the way down the WA coast, and quite a bit of fog. Well, it IS Fogust in these parts after all! I took the first watch from 8pm to midnight. My watch was uneventful except for radar problems. There are SO many fishing boats out there at night and for some reason our radar would pick them up then lose them. Terry came on watch at midnight, and that’s when the real fun began. I was sort of in and out of sleep down below, amid the clatter of stuff in the galley as we rolled on the waves, when at about 2am, our engine just died--- no cough, no sputter, just sudden silence. That woke me up! We put up the staysail to steady our bobbing around and Terry went to work. He found a plugged fuel line which he was able to clear fairly easily, and we were off again.  We crossed the Columbia River bar at about 8:15 this morning (8/6), and are now all comfy in our slip in Ilwaco, WA ---with free internet! We plan to catch up on sleep and hot showers today. Tomorrow our boat buddies Rick Phillips and family arrive here, and then we make our plans for the next leg. (by Diane)


  1. How's the radar now?

  2. Terry I'm curious where the fuel line was plugged and if you did anything to prevent it from happening again.


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