Friday, February 11, 2011

"Hard to port!"

  Soon we will board Harmony, sail to Cape Flattery, the "blustery edge of America", then make that deceptively simple left turn."Hard to port!" "Aye, hard to port!"  That left turn will launch us out of the protected waters of Puget Sound and  into the wide-open blue seas of our adventure! We are bound for Mexico and perhaps points beyond, living and cruising aboard Harmony, our Tayana 42 sailboat.  The day we have planned for during the last 10 years is fast approaching. Of course we have many decisions still to make, endless lists of things to do or buy. In my mind's eye is an image of time as a boat wake, slipping past the stern very very quickly. We are excited, we are anxious......and almost broke! We are to meet the Phillips family, who own SV/Endeavor, outside of the Columbia River bar on August 1, 2011. Please join us and come follow in Harmony's wake!