Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time & Passages


red boat

       Bob, from s/v Pearl out in his sailing dinghy in Barra lagoon.

2/5/12 – 2/11/12


The air is heavy in Barra lagoon, flags droop from backstays and shrouds. The moisture-laden clouds are low by, seeming at arms reach, the water surface smooth and quiet. Even the ubiquitous pelicans and frigates are off somewhere dozing full, after a morning of swooping and diving, catching and gorging .

It makes no sound as it skims lightly by, sailor slouched low, hat brim shading face. He’s without Salty, his canine dinghy-mate today, red sails a surprise in the muted palette of the day, whipping about, healing away.  A gay little passage-maker this one!

Others, having no cheerful little skiff, look on in envy, settling for cushioned cockpit, book in hand, cool beverage nearby, remembering.

* * * *


2/11/12 Santiago:  There are some passages that are more momentous than others. On this day, Terry turned 60. We drank and ate in his honor, rechristening him ”Indio”, after the stocking cap that came as a gift in an Indio beer box. We have no idea why they are giving stocking caps away in Mexico, except that, well, it’s Mexico! Happy Birthday dear dear Indio, and many more happy passages!

Terry bday


  1. Happy belated birthday Terry! Our birthdays are a day apart. I turned 63 on Feb. 10


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