Thursday, January 19, 2012

Barra to Hadas, Where The Wee Fairies Live And Wreak Havoc

Las Hadas
1/13/12 Las Hadas: We needed to make fresh water (have I mentioned that our water maker rocks?) and  a change of scene and so ventured a few miles to Las Hadas ("The Fairies" in Spanish).

What comes to mind when I say Bo Derek, Dudley Moore, a beautiful beach, and Bolero? The movie “10” of course. The movie was partially filmed on the beach here. That was in 1979, and things have changed a bit since then. There are more resorts and restaurants, but the flavor is still like something you’d see in cliffside harbor in Greece, with stunning white architecture and steep windy streets leading from the beach up to the village.

We anchored outside the marina, and then dinghied in to pay for the privilege of tying our dinghies at the marina and using the resort pool (800 pesos per week). It’s a good thing we did, because an ugly, stinky red tide invaded the anchorage making swimming inadvisable.

The ornery little local fairies soon went to work and put the kibosh on our dinghy engine. All of a sudden it wouldn’t start. Terry determined it was the CDI unit or some such thing, and he spent hours making trips here and there and on the phone looking for parts. Meanwhile, we were again depending on Endeavor to dinghy us around. Thank goodness for good friends!

When we weren’t doing boat chores or chasing down outboard parts, we were ashore at the Las Hadas resort playing water volleyball in the pool and sipping cold beverages on the beach. All I need are some cornrows…..

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